“Every time I’ve come to Romano’s Jewelers I felt more than comfortable with the environment the representative set. The store representative known as Danielle sold me five pieces of jewelry including a few watches and two necklaces I am incredibly pleased with. She presented me with outstanding deals that were affordable for me and as hard as it was, Danielle made it work so beautifully into my budget. Though I was very indecisive and difficult when it came to the process of paperwork and switching out which jewelry I desired, Danielle stayed very patient and kept me entertained the entire time.  She gave me all the details of what the store does for its customers and made me feel like I was talking to a complete jewelry expert. Furthermore I am more than happy with the purchases of the aforementioned items I made and over time this caused my credit score to skyrocket which I could not believe. I would highly recommend the store to every and any customer looking for great deals on jewelry. Their patient, lively and entertaining customer service is irreplaceable as well as a type of positive work environment and work ethic that exceeds their competition on every level.


My name is Seaman and I highly recommend Romano’s Jewelers. They have a large variety of choices from earrings to watches and they will most definitely work payments out with you in order to get it. Their customer service is awesome and they put out a welcoming vibe.

Our experience at Romano’s was one of a kind. We felt at home and comfortable because of the friendly staff and the deals were great! Romano’s is a military family store compared to others. My husband and I were gonna come back for more and we recommend Romano’s to all of our friends and my husband’s coworkers in the area and all the military wives like me out there.

Hello, my name is Brian and I just like to express my appreciation of Romano’s jewelers located in Plaza Bonita. Being in the service I can say that all the people here have great professionalism and have treated me with exceptional customer service and I truly enjoyed being a loyal customer. Not only this, but also I feel that I trust them fully and I take pride in being a part of their program.
Petty Officer Third Class
United States Navy

As a customer of Romano’s Jewelers, I would like to express my gratitude for the outstanding quality of service given to me by Ella & her employees. Being a service member I was highly impressed with Ella’s expediting of my specific wishes in ordering custom earrings. Their dedication and service is greatly appreciated and recognized!
Information Systems Specialist 2nd Class

My name is Lloyd, I highly recommend Zack Kissie as your go-to guy to buy jewelry from Romano’s Jewelers. He is a great guy to speak to about anything away from jewelry. Also, he’ll do what he can get you a good deal not just for yourself but for family as well. So don’t waste any time and pay him a visit down at Romano’s.
Yours Truly,

I highly recommend Zack Kissie at Romano’s for the perfect gift for loved ones. I’m not really a jewelry person but I’m sure my mother and father will love the gifts I got for them with the help of Romano’s jewelers. Thanks for your help.
ITSN Sharod J.

I highly recommend Romano’s to all my coworkers and friends. And tell them to see Danielle for help with anything involving jewelry.
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